Menu Item Label: Fermented cabbage

Kraut Salad

Kraut Salad is the sweetest of our krauts, combining cabbage with beets, apple and ginger. Enjoy as a side to any meal, toss through salads, top sandwhiches and burgers, or eat straight from the jar! Organic Ingredients: Cabbage, beetroot, apple, Himalayan Salt, ginger, sunflower seed.

Kraut Slaw

Kraut Slaw┬áis our most popular kraut and for good reason! It’s the perfect combination of flavours with notes of mustard, earthy turmeric, and sweet onions. It also contains dulse flakes, a type of seaweed, which adds iodine to the ferment as cabbage is a natural goitrogen. Enjoy this kraut as an accompaniment to any meal …


The classic cabbage sauerkraut is simplicity at it’s best, with only two humble ingredients, cabbage and salt. In time lactic acid bacteria convert the raw cabbage into a tantalisingly tangy pickle. Organic ingredients: cabbage, Himalayan salt.